View from the Mount

View from the Mount
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Monday, January 13, 2014

Think What He Would Be Doing Now?

Republicans should be thankful for the restraint that the President has shown during the initial stages of this national crisis. Just think what response Clinton would have crafted. Thank God he is but a bad memory of the past. But we need not celebrate too soon, because there are others waiting in the wings to push the same belligerent response if they were the voice of policy. Balance in reporting has never been the hallmark of the press or the talking heads. Consider the criticism that Robert Novak has received when he ended his column, 'This is no pearl harbor' with this conclusion: "The big winner today, intentionally or not, is the state of Israel." Neoconservatives have crawled out of their shell, when the possibility that an equilibrium in the Mideast could be considered. 

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