View from the Mount

View from the Mount
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Who is Will Durant?

You must know of William “Billy” Durant, the founder of General Motors; but have you ever heard of Will Durant? In case you haven’t, his contribution to the understanding of the great legacy of Western Civilization, runs just as smoothly down the road of knowledge as any roadster built during the golden era of autocars. He was a soft spoken man, associated with the Ferrer Modern School an experiment in libertarian education. Durant abandoned his studies in the seminary and viewed himself to be a Socialist at one point an atheist and later an agnostic. He was influenced by Spinoza's Ethics Geometrically Demonstrated - but, above all, in his personality it revealed a philosopher actually living his philosophy, merging practice and precept, and dedicating himself, in poverty, simplicity and sincerity, to an attempt to understand the world. 

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