View from the Mount

View from the Mount
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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Political Pataphysics of the State

Any attempt to understand the condition of modern society must address the long assault and reputation of traditional values and the metaphysics that supports those moral mores. Many social scholars will dissect political philosophies and compare and contrast civic movements, while most ignore the subject of truth, sought in the study of being - ontology, and the study of the structure of the universe - cosmology. This lack of axiomatic foundation is a fatal flaw. Sparse attention is given to the unseen, as inexhaustible concentration is given to the systems and institutions of organization. This fault inevitably brings rise to the invention of abstract substitutes for the belief, role and function of religion. During an era of nonconformity 1957-1973, Evergreen Review became the bible for a generation of radicals and free thinkers.

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